our history

The company A. MAROCCO Srl was created in late 2007 by Mr. Albano Marocco. This company follows the previous firm, ALBANO MAROCCO & c. Sas, which was founded in June 1996 as a service company for the products of agriculture. The founder, Mr. Albano Marocco, began as a broker in 1996 after thirty years’ experience as a miller.

At the beginning, the main activity, the brokerage of cereals (wheat, maize and barley) and by-products of wheat milling, was performed at a local level. Later, the company began to extend its services to foreign markets. Since then, and especially since 2005, when Albano’s son Alberto joined him, the company has specialized in transactions with the French market and, in part, with the markets of northeastern Europe.

Since its foundation, A. MAROCCO Srl is a member of the “Associazione Granaria” of Turin and Milan.

what we do

A. Marocco SRL manages approximately 600,000 tons of cereals per year, such as wheat , durum wheat, barley , corn, oats , rye. Additionally, it also deals with protein products, the by-products of grain processing and other products for the livestock and ornithological sectors.

Our company provides the formalisation and the conclusion of contracts according to the latest market instruments: we proceed from the more traditional contracts, so-called “fixed price ” to the contracts indexed to commodities markets, with the related call / put option systems.

In order to offer a better service to the customer, the company takes care of the logistics and relies on the best transporters in the market. This ensures timely and efficient delivery of products both domestically and internationally (from foreign countries to northern and central Italy).

Since our primary objective is the satisfaction of customers (buyers and sellers), the staff provides assistance from the beginning and deals with any issues that may arise in the execution of the contract.

To ensure a constant dialogue between the parties, the company’s staff speaks the following languages: French, English and German.

Traders pay special attention to the international trade rules and they are up to date on new regulations and market trends- They are also present in all of the weekly and annually organized national and international commodities exchange markets.

The growing interest in the Italian market towards Northern and Eastern Europe motivates the company’s goal: developing a broader market in the whole of Europe.